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Our wholesale trade sector deals with import and trade of oil and oil derivatives all around Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our imported oil derivatives are of high quality originally from refineries like INA (MOL) and NIS (GAZPROM).

Also, apart from the import we also transport the goods made in B&H i.e. in a refinery Bosanski Brod. The range of our goods includes white oil derivatives (eurodiesel, fuel oil, benzine).

According to the official statistical data we are classified among the 10 biggest distributors of oil and oil derivatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Oil derivatives are offered on party of FCA refineries and DDP buyer all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Delivery of the oil derivatives is made in our own tanks. Tanks are equipped with modern devices that measure delivered quantities. For more information on transport capacities, please take a look HERE.

According to the latest statistical data, we have been classified among the 10 biggest importers and transporters of oil and oil derivatives in B&H.

Legal requirements

The quality of fuel we transport satisfies the requirements of standards BAS EN 590, BAS EN 228, BAS 1001 and BAS 1002 specified in the Regulation on fuel oil quality (Regulation on fuel oil quality, „Službeni glasnik BiH“, No. 27/02, Regulation on amendments and addendums to a regulation on liquid fuel oil quality, „Službeni glasnik BiH“  32/02,28/04, 16/05, 14/06, 22/07, 61/07  and Amendments and addendums to regulations on establishing the liquid fuel oil quality „Službeni glasnik FBiH“  No.27/08) which regulates its quality for the territory of B&H.

Additional control

As an additional measure of continuity in maintaining quality of oil derivatives our company has a signed contract about quality control with a domestic accredited house for quality control of oil derivatives RGH Inspekt d.o.o. Sarajevo.

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Amir Junuzović
Founder and owner of Junuzović Kopex