Wholesale department deals in import and trade of oil and oil derivatives throughout the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Oil derivatives imported are of high quality supplied from MOL, INA, and NIS refineries, the countries in the region and the EU (Hungary, Italy, Turkey, etc.).

Additionally, we deal in goods produced in BH, i.e. Bosanski Brod refinery. The assortment of our goods is white oil derivatives (euro diesel, heating oil, petrol) and black (mazut and bitumen). Since recently, we have been dealing in import, trade and transport of auto gas LPG (propane-butane).

According to official statistics, we are ranked among top 10 importers and traders of oil and oil derivatives in BH.

Naftne derivate nudimo na paritetu FCA rafinerija i DDP KUpac na području cijele Bosne i Hercegovine. Oil derivatives are delivered in own cisterns equipped with advanced devices to measure the delivered quantity. For more information on transportation capacities, please refer to Civil Engineering, Transportation and Machinery menu.
Turnover of this department amounts to 70% of the total turnover of Junuzović-kopex Ltd. company.