Car Wash

JUNUZOVIĆ-kopex car wash is located within the Petrol Station Lukavac, at M4 main road (Doboj – Tuzla, branch road for Lukavac).

JUNUZOVIĆ-kopex car wash has one automatic and 6 self-service car washes, available to you 0-24 every day. All boxes are equipped with the systems that enable safe washing of cars even in winter conditions.


JUNUZOVIĆ-kopex car wash offers a simple way of using through three washing programmes:

1. WASHING with the best washing products of the producer of Ma-Fra, which continually tests its products in FERRARI Challenge Team, Rally Team, and Motocross Team. The products are environmentally friendly, do not harm people’s health and they are biodegradable for over 90%, and the quality is confirmed by standard certificates of ISO 9001 and HAACP.

PC3B0061_2 2. WAX is applied at the vehicle in order to give it shine, as well as achieving the effect of “sliding” water and other impurities from the car body, because of what the vehicle stays clean for a longer time.

3. RINSING is performed with demineralised water that does not leave marks at your vehicle, so it is not necessary to wipe the vehicle.


JUNUZOVIĆ-kopex car wash has 3 installed vacuum cleaners that are equipped with powerful engines for a quality vacuuming of your car interior.


JUNUZOVIĆ-kopex car wash also has a machine for dry cleaning of your car interior. You have the possibility of deep cleaning of door padding, seats (except leather ones) and mats persistent stains. After the cleaning, the surfaces stay wet for a short time.


JUNUZOVIĆ-kopex offers you the possibility of using devices for tyres shine and protection. Spray the liquid at the sides of the tyres for the final touch of a clean vehicle.


All JUNUZOVIĆ-kopex car wash services you can pay with 0.5, 1, 2 and 5 KM coins. If you have just paper notes, you can exchange 10 and 20 KM notes into 1 KM coins at our money exchange.



Self-Service Car Wash 120 seconds 1.00 KM
Vacuum Cleaner 300 seconds 1.00 KM
Dry cleaning 160 seconds 1.00 KM
Tyre blackener 60 seconds 1.00 KM