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CNG gas-filling stations

At the beginning of September in 2016, the company Junuzović Kopex opened the first CNG gas-filling station. This is also the first filling station of earth gas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The gas station is built about the City and suburban traffic plc. Tuzla, a company that is a majority owner of Junuzović Kopex. In this gas-filling station more than 100 CNG busses of the public city transportation are filled on a daily basis. Gas station is primarily used as a station for the busses of this company but very soon it began to be used in retail, for the citizens themselves.

CNG gas filling station Junuzović Kopex Tuzla is a modern facility, built and equipped according to the latest standards dictated in this field. Filling the busses with gas is cheaper and faster and the energy efficiency and environment protection are the biggest adventages of this fuel.

CNG vehicles have a considerably lower emission of harmful gases compared to diesel, and especially char which makes it more ecologically acceptable. City Tuzla falls in the category of cities loaded with industrial pollution so it is highly important that as many vehicles as possible are eco-friendly.

A great difference in the price between these two sources of energy is one more reason why is natural gas becoming the fastest growing alternative to diesel and petrol. The lower price of earth gas compared to diesel makes these vehicles also economically more acceptable.


CNG station is on the east bus station of GIPS Tuzla.

Addres: Bukinje bb, 75000 Tuzla
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