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History of the company

Junuzović Kopex, a company for civil engineering, production, transport of goods and services, export-import is founded in 1996 with its headquaters in Lukavac and is 100% private property.

  • 1996

    The making of the company

    It was initialy registered as a business for building travel networks, concrete production, transport service...

  • 1998

    Business expansion

    The company is starting to deal with oil and oil derivatives trade both wholesale and retail, providing services of transport in domestic and international traffic as well as providing services of construction machines.

  • 2003

    Gas station in Lukavac

    Gas station in Lukavac is opened and it represents a multifuncional service facility that offers not only fuel but also has a supermarket, a restaurant, parking and a modern car wash.

  • 2013

    Gas station in Gračanica

    Gas station in Gračanica is opened and apart from fuel, oil and mazot, it offers its customers a wide range of consumer goods.

  • 2013

    Dun & Bradstreet has included our company in TOP 100

    The oldest credit rating agency in the world Dun & Bradstreet, exclusively for the Business magazine, has conducted an analysis „The biggest 100 in B&H“. With low risk and a growing trend, the company „Junuzović Kopex“ has been listed as first class in this criteria. Companies in this group are characterized by positive business trends including income and profit growth, low obligation, positive turnover of capital and net worth, and the growth of all relevant indexes during the observation period. According to the index which shows how many days approximately it takes a company to pay their obligations, „Junuzović Kopex“ ltd occupies the high second place in B&H with the average supplier payment time at 5,67 days. This information says enough about the payment ability and care for business partners.

  • 2015

    Expanding company on passenger transportation

    GIPS Tuzla and Litvatrans Banovići started operating for our company.

  • 2016

    CNG in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    We are becoming the first and the only company dealing with import and sale of CNG gas in B&H.

  • 2017

    Registered Junuzovic Foundation

    The owners of Junuzović Kopex company register the Junuzović Foundation that has a mission to achieve the greater good for the whole community, to enable children and young people a chance to make their dreams and goals come true as well as supporting the progress of humaneness, health care etc.