Meeting of HR professionals in Tuzla

Junuzović Kopex and organized the first HR MEETUP (meeting of HR professionals) in Hotel Mellain, on Tuzla.

The meeting talked about the problems that companies face when employing the right people for the job.

Recruiting the right people is one of the most difficult and most challenging tasks in managing and developing the business of each company. HR MEETUP’s maintenance aimed at educating and exchanging knowledge and experience in the field of employment and human resources management in order to make companies more likely to face the above-mentioned challenges.

People generally misinterpret the entire private sector, there is so much distrust, and we are ready to hire staff and provide the additional education, so that after two years we would have a skilled worker who would be a satisfied worker,” said the director of the company Junuzović Kopex , Saša Selimović.

Participants had the opportunity to hear good practices and to facilitate the employment process as well as exchange the knowledge and experience in the field of employment and human resource management.

The meeting was attended by companies from Tuzla, Lukavac, Gracanica, Živinice, Banovići and everyone had the opportunity to present the challenges they face in the field of human resources management and their own positive practices.