Junuzović kopex: The year behind us, our year of great business success

Junuzović kopex Company finished the 2017 with a series of business successes. We have continued the implementation of the 2016 projects that we have successfully completed. Our accomplished achievements have not remained unnoticed even in the environment in which we operate. We have been attracting a lot of media attention thanks to the innovations in the business, the realized profit and the received acknowledgments.

In May 2017, our first CNG filling stadion in Bosnia and Herzegovina was opened for retail purposes. The filler has rounded our story of importance and all the benefits of using CNG gas.

After the introduction of CNG buses in public transport system that we successfully implemented in our Tuzla City and Suburban Traffic Company, it was logical to offer private vehicle users to the CNG stadion that meets the world standards.

Continuing the promotion of CNG gas and the benefits it offers both in the automotive industry and other branches of industry, we participated in the car show Auto Show Week Tuzla. We have achieved remarkable success at the fair and achieved the goal of our performance, which is to acquaint the public with all the benefits this energy offers. According to the data analysis of the most successful companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the business portal of Akta.ba has presented the data according to which Junuzović kopex is classified into the TOP 10 companies dealing with oil and petroleum products, which had the highest profit and revenues in 2016 .

“Poslovne novine” / Business newspapers have released the list of 100 largest companies in B&H based on their income, profits and cash flow investments in 2016.

On the rank of the largest companies by profit in 2016, Junuzović kopex occupies 64th place. In the wholesale trade of solid, liquid and gas fuels, we ranked 12th. As a proof tat others have recognized our achievements serves the acknowledgment to the founder of Junuzović kopex “Business Lifetime Achievement Award” and Junuzović kopex Company for the “Best Company” Award presented at the 37th Manifestation “Best Manager and Personality of the Year” organized by the Selection Agency and promotion of the most successful people and companies. In 2017, Finance and Marketing Director Junuzović kopex, Selvedina Junuzović registered the Junuzović Foundation, which aims to provide all the support and assistance to the community in which she lives and works. Throughout the year, the Foundation has carried out a large number of aid projects that provided better working conditions for a large number of schools, home for children without parental care, the nursing homes, soup kitchens, a large number of associations working with children with special needs.

In December 2017, the “Ladies in Awards” was held at the National Theater in Sarajevo. In this prestigious event, Selvedina Junuzović, financial and marketing director of Junuzović kopex company and the founder of Junuzović Foundation was awarded the “Woman of the Year” in the Social Responsibility category.