Junuzović Kopex and GIPS Tuzla are recipients of an award: Alternative fuel ambasador 2016

During the Days of Alternative Fuels 2016 and 14th LPG Summit of the Adriatic-Ionian Region which brings together science, economy and best business practices from the LPG sector, 229 participants from 27 countries gathered in Stubičke Toplice. Throughout the three working days of Forum and Media festival on alternative fuels and LPG Summit, 125 scientific-research papers have been presented that can improve the business of energy-related and transport-related businesses, 22 video materials, 6 studies, awards for best photographies, web pages, media campaign s, graphic design of pages, journals and radio shows have been presented.

Within Forum and Media festival on alternative fuels , 44 ​​names, awards and prizes for the best projects, media works and campaigns for “Alternative Fuels Ambassadors 2016”, the best promoter of alternative fuels. Junuzović Kopex ltd and GIPS Tuzla plc representatives attended the International forum and Media festival „Alternative fuels 2016“.

At the closing ceremony of the Forum, companies GIPS Tuzla and Junuzović Kopex have been presented with a special prize/award that has been given an honorary name  – Sign of excellence Alternative Fuels Ambassador 2016 for a bold lunge in the use of an alternative fuel – CNG – in urban transport buses. The Honorary Name is awarded to promoters of values ​​that derive from the actual and pervasive application of the EU guidelines and the decarbonization of the transport system, the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels, the increase of energy and environmental efficiency of the transport and maritime sectors, and for the benefit of entrepreneurs, all stakeholders in the system as well as consumers.

Our business is modernizing the services we provide and at the same time affecting the improvement of air quality in Tuzla and its surroundings. With its innovative business steps we contribute to the development of the environment in which we operate, and at the Forum it was a great pleasure to introduce the CNG Terminal Reljevo in Sarajevo, which represents our wholesale distribution center of CNG and is able to offer the perfect conditions for supplying this energy to large industrial consumers as well. Semir Junuzović, executive director of Junuzović Kopex.

The presented award represents a kind of acknowledgment to Junuzović Kopex and GIPS Tuzla for the idea, realization and hard work. Organizer of Alternative Fuel Days and 14th LPG Summit of the Adriatic-Ionian Region is Euro Energy, co-organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy, Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning.

Junuzović Kopex company hope that B&H manufacturers will recognize and welcome the CNG project that is expected to survive, and will continue to follow the example of GIPS Tuzla, in order to be cost-effective and to protect the environment at the same time.

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